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DEi Black Fiberglass Exhaust/Header Wrap - (2" Wide x 50' Roll)

DEi Black Fiberglass Exhaust/Header Wrap - (2" Wide x 50' Roll)

Quick Overview

Color/Finish: Black

Dimensions: 2" Wide x 50' Long

Fits: Universal

Manufacturer: Desing Engineering Inc.

Material: Fiberglass

*See image for pipe wrap QTY calculation.



The Wing'd Piston knows you've got a hard enough time getting a sweet little senorita on the back of that custom chop or Cafe. You smell like gasoline, you've got a wicked farmers tan and hell, your not the prettiest guy on the planet.. Combine that with the fact that it looks faster than a pissed off cheetah, it sounds like something out of Mad Max and my god man, your telling her to sit on a 4" by 4" cushion. Why make things harder for yourself?

When she sees that scorched blue exhaust pipe right next to the inside of perfectly smooth, seductive and sensual calve the deal is most likely off! Solution! Pickup some of Design Engineering's black exhaust header wrap. She'll love you for it as will your bike. She'll stay cooler longer on those long hard runs, it'll keep the heat behind her and you'll get better mileage out of her in the long run.

Same goes for the bike! :thumbs up:

A simple and effective way to control heat, protect against serious leg burns and improve performance. A proprietary coating is applied to all DEI wrap to act as a bonding agent and to increase durability levels under extreme heat. Our Tan and Black wraps have sewn in guides for easy 1/4” overlap to aid in installation. Provides direct heat protection up to 1200°F (Black and Tan) and 1800°F (Titanium).

Decreases exhaust density & increases exhaust flow

Improves horsepower

Withstands 1200°F direct/2000°F radiant

Added durability and heat retention

Technical Details

SKU 66-0805
Brand DEi
Color Black
Material Fiberglass
Motorcycle Make Honda


Best wrap you can get.

The best wrap you can get. It's going to be on your ride for a long time, 9+ years and 40 000km on mine so far. Will not buy any other brand from here on out.

2" exhaust wrap

I used less than one roll on my CB550 4 into 2. Yes, use a dust mask, lot of fiber floating around. I always wrap from the back to the header so any possible water does not get a chance to run into the overlaps. I used some stainless hose clamps, little bulkyer but find it holds the wrap way better than the small straps. I had some fiber heat tape that I used to hold it while wraping and installed the hose clamps on top of that. I'll buy more when needed.


I used 2 full rolls on a CB650 (two separate 2-into-1 exhaust on each side of the bike, with the baffles cut off and the small shorty mufflers). These work great. If you look online you will find a lot of youtube videos on how to install it. I would suggest starting from the back of the exhaust, dunking the wrap in water first, and using stainless steel wire to install. Wear a mask, and clothes you can ruin as the black comes off the wrap when its wet (not enough to lose all the color, but it does turn more of a dark grey after).

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