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19.5" "Mini" Norton Commando Style Muffler

19.5" "Mini" Norton Commando Style Muffler

Quick Overview

Color/Finish: Chrome

Length: 19" Long

Outlet OD: 1-1/2"

Inlet OD: 1-13/16"

Inlet ID: 1-3/4"

Material: Steel

*Includes Reducer Kit

Fits: 1-3/4", 1-5/8", 1-1/2" & 1-7/16" Pipes



Take a piece of history back and integrate it into your custom build, Ace. These chrome plated Norton Commando "mini" peashooters are the perfect compliment to any build, Cafe or Bobber. They have a deep and throaty unique sound and pull the absolute most possible torque and power out our favored little air cooled twins!

Measuring in at 19 inches long this "Mini" Norton commando Style Muffler will roar like thunder as you speed off like a flash of lightning!

Technical Details

SKU 80-1912
Finish Chrome
Material Steel
Exhaust Muffler Length 19 1/2"
Exhaust Muffler Inlet Inside Diameter 1 3/4"
Exhaust Muffler Outlet Inside Diameter 1 1/2"
Motorcycle Make Honda
Special Shipping Group EMISSIONS


Pretty cheap

I ordered these for an old Honda CB350 at the same time I ordered some real, made in USA mufflers for my BMW, so I got to compare them to something that was quality built.

Install was easy and fitment was not much trouble after cutting, grinding and drilling the bracket. Some work was needed to keep the exhaust from being in the way of down shifting, and the forward clamps are pretty much useless, just for show.

I did try to plastic-hammer the bike's bracket over at one point, missed oh so slightly, and left a big dent in the muffler. No biggy, I moved it to the other side where it didn't show, but this did reveal how thin-walled these things are. In other words: this is as cheaply built as possible to hold up whatsoever.

My other complaint would be that the chrome is so thin, any brush with anything will leave noticeable scratching. My quality BMW pipes do not do that: the chrome is very robust.

Also, these were so loud I would have gotten hassled by the cops in no time. Some steel wool quieted them down just fine (one pack was more than enough for both pipes).

I'd say: if you're looking for a low budget option to get you by, these work. If you're looking for something nice for a bike you want to keep around for a long time, I'd spend the money and get something nicer. They look good new, but I know they're going to be scratched and probably rusty within a few years. For my old beater CB350? No problem. Let's ride.

Perfect for my bike

I can't get over how good these things look and sound. Bought 2 of them for a 1978 KZ400 cafe project. Mounted them in a slight upswept position. They sound much deeper than the factory mufflers and are a lot lighter. They are less restrictive than factory and combined with the reduced weight, made the bike feel much more responsive at the throttle.

Excellent vaue

Beautifully made and finished and at this price a bargain. Included clamps and size adapters a nice bonus. Does not do much to deepen or quiet the exhaust note however, at least not on a two into one pipe on a w650. Recommended.

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