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Authentic Split-lens Leon Jeantet "Aviator" Goggles - (Gun Metal)

Authentic Split-lens Leon Jeantet "Aviator" Goggles - (Gun Metal)

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Color/Finish: Gun Metal
Dimensions: N/A
Fits: One Size Fits All
Material: Metal & Leather
SKU: 67001

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In 1880 Eugene Jeantet founded the Jeantet company, ten miles west of Lake Geneva in the quaint French town of Morez. The Jeantet company created and sold mostly the pince-nez style of eye wear for motorists and cyclists until 1929 when Eugene’s son, Léon, invented the Jeantet Aviator Goggle, a new form of svelte eyewear for motorcyclists, pilots and motorists.

Soon the Jeantet Aviator Goggle design was out-selling the glasses and the Jeantet company switched over to manufacture them full time, the company is still in the Jeantet Family and continues to make the classic goggles to this day and their simply is no other product like it on the market.

Simply put, these are as close as you can get to the real mccoy. They sport thin rims with wide birth lenses and a soft rubber isolator on the back side for comfort. Both the bridge and rear strap are thin and fully adjustable for comfort and if that wasn't enough to sell you, they come with different lenses that can be swapped out at a moments notice to fit the ride time of day.

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SKU 67001


Aviator Goggles

Really cool, Like that they are adjustable. Work and look great.
Good quality.. you just don't see these anymore.. so pretty cool that you guys carry them.

LJ Aviator Goggles

DCC is the place.... Has all the specialty gear that most shops don't. Goggles are great...

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