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OE Carburetor Intake Boot - (Fits: CB650)

OE Carburetor Intake Boot - (Fits: CB650)

Quick Overview

Color/Finish: N/A

Dimensions: N/A

Material: Rubber

Fits: CB650 ('80)



If you've torn down your little CB650 mo'chine and are rebuilding the carbs you might as well spend the ten bucks and snag a new gasket set and a set of these rubber boots. Chasing air leaks, using red silicon or your brothers buggers isn't worth the hassle!

Technical Details

SKU 16211-460-000
Brand Honda
Motorcycle Make Honda

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Pricy but oh-so-sweet

I've heard of guys using chopped up car radiator hoses, but that's terrible. It's worth the 80 bucks to have boots that fit perfectly!

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