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Cafe Racer TV Season 4 Complete DVD

Cafe Racer TV Season 4 Complete DVD

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Color/Finish: Matte
Dimensions: It's a DVD
Fits: Universal
Material: Plastic

*Region Free.

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Time to grab another gear. In this fourth installment “Café Racer” TV takes the viewer deeper into the café cultures of racing, world record attempts, music, motorcycle clubs and art.

Cafe Racer TV Season Four
From guys-in-garages to builders with waiting lists, series four of Cafe Racer TV features eight new motorcycle craftsmen and a renovated show format. The client roster includes a rock star in the Windy City, a Tinseltown Actress and two Action Sports Legends who find thrills in helping the builder pick out and tear down their bike.

The bostrom Brother return to give these machines true racetrack shakedowns including a ton-smashing test on a decommissioned Naval Base. In five one-hour episodes that focus exclusively on the craft of Motorcycle Customization. These bold builds emerge from Detroi to Seattle. So get back on the throttle and grab fourth gear.

Can a trio of builders make a stock Royal Enfield 500 do the Ton? Is a café racer really worth $100,000? Who is bold enough to build a 140 horsepower CB 750? And what happens when Eric Bostrom tries to build a track-worthy café superbike for brother Ben?

Keep the ride alive. Café Racer: Vintage Reborn.

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My preference is the older nastalgic cafe racers but it did make enjoyable watching, but being a POM I did miss the fact there was not a British envolement in season 4

Great content

Firstly I love the show and happy with it's mix of old and new builds. I have the four seasons and will get S5 when it's available. Pls let the producers know that the disc come loose and get scratched. A few more episodes would be better too.

But overall, I'm happy.
Neil in Australia

season 4

too much modern stuff didnt like it hope to see more traditional cafe racers like in season 1.2.3


I love the series but kind of bummed with only 5 episodes to watch, yet the price is still the same. My DVD's are glitchy, skipping and sticking but I can live with that.

Great stuff

Have all four seasons, love the format on #4. Only bummer is, and this does not fall on the DCC Crew, was that one one the DVDs has come off its clip inside the sealed case and got scratched during transport. It plays to that point than skips. Like a dummy I didn't notice it until I put my name on the case, and through my receipt away. But no biggie only missing one episode.

More of the same

Glad the format is changing this year. Kinda needs it . . .

technical issues

Great DvD except disc 1 had a 25% failure rate loading. Apprpriately addressed by sales manager, but I feel a tiny bit like Ben Bostrum when the front braked locked up spontaneously on a filmed test ride of a Honda Cafe Fighter.

season 4

Got it to me quick, great DVD. Hope there is a season 5. Gives me some good ideas for my next build. Thnkuvrymuch

what a great DVD

I am halfway through watching season 4 and what a great series it is, I have the first 3 and season 4 is as good if not better than the first 3.
when is season 5 coming out....please

Much better format

A much better format this season - with a lot less of the filler material. Well worth getting at this price.


I have all 4 seasons still not done with 3 but can't wait to watch season 4 café racer.

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