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How To Set Up Your Motorcycle Workshop Book: 3rd Editon

How To Set Up Your Motorcycle Workshop Book: 3rd Editon

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Color/Finish: Matte Finish
Size: 8" x 12"
Material: High quality paper & binding
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When it comes to setting up a motorcycle workshop no matter how large or small there are literally hundreds of questions that come to mind. Everything from How much space do I need to What kind of tools are required to What's the best color to coat my floor to help me see nuts and bolts that fall off the work-bench?

And whether you're looking to setup a small space in your garage at your home or are embarking upon the journey of renting a shop space and working towards building or servicing motorcycles for income there simply isn't a better place to get those questions (and hundreds more) answered than the How to Setup your Motorcycle Workshop Book.

Join C G Masi as he covers literally everything from selecting basic shop tools to high end welders and testing equipment all the while giving tips and tricks others have used over the years to bring their businesses to success. He also covers operations of tools and equipment, painting and metal fabrication in great detail.

Here's a clipping from the preface:

This third edition of How to Set Up Your Motorcycle Workshop comes at an exciting time for America. The rate of technological change reached fever pitch. The infamous "baby boom" generation is moving from it's peak earning years into retirement, causing tremendous social and economic dislocations. Abou the only that isn't changing rapidly is government, where twenty years of ill-advised policies nearly ran the world economy over a cliff, only to be saved at the last minute by a short lived glimmer of intelligent leadership, which faded almost as fast.

What all this means to a motorcycle enthusiast is big changes in the way we do what we've always done, and what we'll always do in the future. Since the dawn of the 20th Century, when we switch from playing horses to playing motorcycles, we ride on, talk about, party with and generally obsess over bikes. The difference is that we now how more tools to integrate into our workshops, more sources to tap for information, and more skills to learn.

In short, if you're looking to chase your dream to the TON and restore or customize vintage motorcycles this should be the first book you buy to put on your shelf. The DCC Crew has taken quite a few tips from it and so should you! C G Masi's advice and direction is not only accurate and on point with the culture garage builder movement it's easy to understand and implement into your own life as a lover of motorcycles. Rock on..

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SKU 181043
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