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19x1.85" 40 Spoke Excel Aluminum Wheel Rim

19x1.85" 40 Spoke Excel Aluminum Wheel Rim

Quick Overview

Color/Finish: Silver
Fits: Universal
Material: Aluminum
SKU: REWM21940

  • These rims are NOT pre-punched. Please state Make, Model and Year, Front or Rear, Disc or Drum below.
  • As these rims are made to order they are NON-REFUNDABLE and take several weeks to be made.
  • Actual photo may vary in size

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There's nothing quite like the feeling of cutting rusty spokes off a wheel with an angle grinder, is there? Never mind the fact that once you've gotten them all removed, the hub broken down and rim laid flat on a table to be sanded and prep'd for refurbishing and you realize "Oh lord, I can't find any good replacement spokes!"

Don't worry, you're not doomed to a world of chasing the TON with wagon wheels fitted to your speed machine while suffering the angst and loss of your family members like a reenactment of The Oregon Trail video game. You're a customer of DCC and we've got you covered!

These Excel Aluminum rims are machined to the highest of specifications and come as a standard on many OE bikes sold today. Match them up with a set of custom spokes (just ask us ) and your vintage hub and you're on your way to a custom bike that's sure to turn heads, and rubber.

Technical Details

Motorcycle Make Honda

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