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Legendary Motorcycles GPS Speedometer & Electronic Tachometer - MPH

Legendary Motorcycles GPS Speedometer & Electronic Tachometer - MPH

Quick Overview

Color/Finish: Chrome w/ Black Face
Dimensions: 4" Face Diameter x 1-3/8" Tall Housing
Fits: Universal
Bulb Type: LED
Material: Plastic/Metal

Features included:
Odometer and Resettable Trip
5 Htz update for fast needle response and accuracy
Display 0-60 Time and distance in feet.
Display 1/4 mile time and speed.
Show elevation
Peak Recall max speed during run
Current direction heading
Accurate GPS Clock
Current Speed in LCD

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When you're working with custom or vintage bikes finding the right connectors for speedometers and tachometers can be a tricky business. Especially when you move into the more modern world of accurate digital ones. Well, our friends at Legendary Motorcycles came up with a killer solution that nips all the issues in the bud. Check it out!

Their super slick GPS speedo/tach combo units do not require a transmission sensor to operate making installation a breeze on bikes that lack electronic sensor output. Pretty RAD huh? Styled after timeless gauges the likes of Smiths and other iconic brands, these are similar in size to but are 100% accurate, easy to read and operate.

From a feature set perspective they're packed tighter than a Chevy 350 piston in an XR600! They have odometer as well as a resettable trip meter, they show elevation and have neat little features like peak recall max speed during run, current direction heading, an accurate GPS clock, and they display the current speed in LCD format as well. And if that wasn't enough for you they have a super fast 5 Htz update for fast needle response and accuracy they display 0-60 time and distance in feet as well as 1/4 mile time and speed.

After you've go it connected with the simply power, ground and lighting wires simply route the long antenna cord to somewhere on the bike under a fairing or plastic and in 2-3 seconds after startup you'll have sync.

But wait, there's more...

The electronic analog tachometer connects directly to any bike with a distributor-less ignition in minutes. It features a timeless look like Smith's units of yesteryear but packs modern technology to give you accurate revs all the time via a digital stepper motor design proven in racing.

Not only does it have that, it's packed with great features like peak max recall, programmable from .5 - 6 pulses per rev and it's compatible with remote minishift light. What are you waiting for?

Grab one today for that speed machine you're building!

Technical Details

SKU SM2803
Brand Legendary Motorcycles
Color Black
Finish Anodized
Meter Body Color Black
Meter Face Color Black
Meter Bezel Color Silver
Meter Reading MPH
Meter Maximum Reading 120 MPH
Meter Ratio Electronic
Bulb Type LED
Meter Type Analog Speedometer, Analog Tachometer
Motorcycle Make Honda


Excellent combo gauge!

Excellent product! Simple install if you can read and are not color blind. Included instructions are easy to understand.


Great Speedometer

Clean speedometer that works very well. Easy to install with the included wiring diagram. The 0-60 and 1/4 mile time features are easy to use and a lot of fun.

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