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D33 Racing

DCC’s AHRMA Lightweight Production CB350 Racer

1972 Honda CB350

"D33 Racing" DCC’s AHRMA Lightweight Production CB350 Racer

Dime City Cycles has become synonymous with cafe racers, and with good reason. Between award winning builds, top notch customer service, and a unique, carefully cultivated catalog, it's easy to see why. You would be forgiven for thinking that a couple guys with an extra dose of cool and bravado combined a good idea with several metric tons of hard work and DCC was the result. In fact, that's only partially true. This institution of classic speed was admittedly started by accident. Turn the clock back, and those guys were just two tonners with day jobs, and a crazy passion for vintage motorcycles. Embarking on their first build, they quickly realized that the market place was lacking, and if they wanted to bring their vision to life they would need to innovate and create. The local population appreciated their handiwork to say the least. After a few bike show trophies and a slight alignment of planets, Dime City Cycles was born.

Over the years, DCC has done builds for marketing, charity, popular television shows, and just for fun. Although a fixture of the cafe racer scene, it wasn't until now that they decided to build a real deal, class division racer. With the reputation and pedigree DCC has become known for, this build dubbed the D33 racer, delivers a serious dose of performance while executing a level of aesthetic and attention to detail rarely seen in the paddock. Dime City Cycles already sponsors a winning race team headed up by AHRMA champion Scott Turner. When asked why he decided to go racing, DCC's fearless leader Herm Narciso simply says "Why wouldn't we? It's a natural evolution, you have to live who you are". It may also have something to do with Turner, a long time friend, egging Herm on and bragging about the spoils of the sport. Herm, not one to shy away from a challenge, decided it was time to go racing Dime City style.

It takes a smart person to know what to do. It takes a wise person to know what not to do, and so it was decided that rather than diving head first into a heavyweight, or superbike division, a novice light weight production class build was in order. The running donor bike, an amalgam of 1972 and 74 Honda CB350 twins was already on hand. It was purchased from a friend purely for inspiration, and has been quietly awaiting its day in the spotlight. With a class appropriate bike on hand, a wealth of knowledge about the CB350 accumulated, and a plethora of affordable parts to be had, the little CB was the perfect candidate to take racing.

With a reputation to uphold, DCC decided to build a show quality race bike, as unique as any other build before it. The engine was completely rebuilt top to bottom, including all new bearings, seals, and clutch with the help of Chuck "Super Tune" Quenzler. Stock pistons from Wiseco were dropped in, along with new valves by Kibblewhite. A fresh set of wheels were laced by Scott Turner, shod with Heinedau race compound tires, driven by a 520 chain conversion kit from Rebel Gears, and halted by new grooved shoes. Suspension duty is handled by Hagon shocks in the rear and a drop in Race Tech spring kit at the lead, while foot controls are DCC originals, and hand controls are from the experts at Magura. The mechanical work is impressive to say the least. On the aesthetic front, a full frame powder coat by Profab customs provides a clean backdrop for the phenomenal paintwork done by Moe Colors. The all important saddle was shaped and upholstered by Lance's Tops. Speaking on the differences between building a show bike and a race bike, Herm admits that at this level of build there were more similarities than not. But advises that any corners cut are made apparent much sooner due to the abuse a race bike handles and that Loctite and safety wire are your new best friends.

It's easy to look on at motorsport as a hobby for the well-heeled. The reality is, one can join in the fun with a modest outlay. There are great deals to be had on bikes, and after getting them to proper running condition, there are only a few simple modifications required to get them track ready. The class rules are neatly outlined in the AHRMA handbook, and anyone can do it. So you have the mindset to go racing, and the wheels to take you, next is getting licensed. Don't worry, Herm says there is no parallel parking portion of the exam. AHRMA works in collaboration with Fast And Safe Racing School, and the course is available at select venues through the year. In our case the course was proctored by none other than world class champion Andrew Cowell. There is a full day of classroom instruction covering subjects like trail braking, racing lines, and passing techniques. Don't worry, even if you're a seasoned rider like Herm, there is plenty to learn. Always receptive to advancing his skills, Herm said "you don't realize just how much you don't know until you spend time with someone who does". After the classroom session is over, it's time to move out to the track and practice what you learned on a few sections. This is followed by an open discussion forum, a mock race and the final verbal exam. That's it, time to get some laps under your belt.

Summing up my time with Herm and the D33 race bike, I asked if he had any advice for someone thinking about getting into AHRMA racing. He enthusiastically and emphatically said "stop thinking and do it!"

It's a natural evolution, you have to live who you are!

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Part Number Part Name Price
16-1014 Aftermarket 33mm ID x 46mm OD x 10.5mm H Fork Seal Set for Honda CMX250, CB350, CL350, SL350, CB360, CJ360, CL360, CB400, CM400, CB450, CM450 & CX500
151912 1/4" Universal VISU Inline Fuel Filter
CK1132 EBC Clutch Kit - (Fits: CB350/CL350 & CB360/CL360)
25-1307 Front Wheel Bearing & Seal Kit - (Fits: Most Large CC CB's & GL's)
22-1011 Tapered Roller Bearing Steering Neck Kit - (Fits: Most model CB/CL's)
16-6101 Complete Engine Gasket Set - (Fits: CB350 & CL350 Twin 1970-73)
35-1396 Deltran Battery Tender Fused Ring Terminals
53-9974-FT 1/4" Translucent Red Fuel Line
90309-315-000 M10 x 1.25 Chrome Suspension/Engine Top End Acorn Cap Nuts
95014-73100 Honda CB/CL Rear Brake Rod Spring
95015-32001 OE Honda Rear Brake Arm Joint, OE #95015-32001
32-0082 7-Way Adjustable Steering Damper
45-39665 Vintage Style Fork Dust Covers - (Fits: 33mm - 35mm Fork Tubes)
12-0037 Motion Pro 1/4" Fuel Line Quick Disconnect - Dual Sided Shut Off
02-0002 Honda Front Brake Cable - (Fits: CB350/CL350, 360 & 450)
EBC314 Front Brake Shoes – (Fits: CB350/CL350 & CB360/CL360)
12-0201 Simple Handlebar Mounted On/Off Control Switch
02-0040 Universal Shifter Arm - (30 Tooth)
90304-415-000 Chrome Steering Stem Nut - (Fits: CB350K/F, CB360/CL360K/T, CB400F, CB450, CX500, CB500T, CB550F/K, & CB750F/K)
90503-283-000 Thick Chrome Steering Stem Bolt Washer - (Fits: Most CB/CL's)
16211-286-040 OEM Honda Carburetor Intake Boot - (Fits: CB350T's)
AG-801 9.7 AMP Hour 240 CCA Antigravity 8-Cell Battery
16-8509 18" Rim Strip
DCC-PCLAMP-1 1" Stainless Steel & Rubber P-Clamp
95-350 Engine Oil Seal Kit - (Fits: CB350/CL350)
CPK-B-CB350F Front Stainless Steel 36 Spoke Set - (Fits: CB350/CL350 w/ 18" Wheel & Drum Brake)
CPK-B-CB350R Rear Stainless Steel 36 Spoke Set - (Fits: CB350/CL350 w/ 18" Wheel & Drum Brake)
EBC315G EBC Grooved Rear Brake Shoes –- (Fits: CB350K, CB350F, CB360 & CB400F)
53-0630 Stainless Steel Exhaust Springs - (63mm)
13-87806-2 Exhaust Pipe Crush Gaskets - (Fits: CB350/CL350 & CB360/CL360)
12-0015 1/4" Fuel or Air "Y" Hose Connector
19-7173 ProGrip 717 Pro Street Gel Grips - (Black w/ Red)
DCC-RS10 DCC Originals Universal Cafe Racer Fully Indexable Rearset Foot Controls
16950-385-703 OEM Honda Fuel Petcock, OE# 16950-385-703 - (Fits: CB400A, CB400TI/II, CX500)
49-0996 Old School Stainless Steel Gas Cap
DCC-SBAR78-SBPC 7/8" Satin Black DCC Original "SPEED" Clubman Handlebars
BR8EIX-SGL NGK BR8EIX IX (5044) Iridium Spark Plug
57-0242 EK 110 Link 520 Standard Chain
MC-1500-18-SS Stainless Steel 18" Universal Cone Muffler - (Fits: 1-1/2" Exhaust)
31011SSB 12.20" (310mm) Black Hagon Road Shocks Eye to Clevis Shock Absorbers
MC-BRKT-3SB Weld-On Exhaust & Muffler Bracket - Stainless Steel 3/4" High Angled
0150T 1.50" 304 Stainless Steel T-Bolt Exhaust Clamps
FL-SCB-3W Weld-On Stainless Steel Exhaust & Muffler Bracket for Bolts or Springs - 3-Sided Wing Tab
FL-SCB-WSR Weld-On Stainless Steel Exhaust & Muffler Spring Bracket - Wire Spring Hook
12-0085 Motion Pro 90 Degree 1/4" NPT to 1/4" Fuel Line Petcock
CP3350 Charlie's Place Electronic Ignition System - (Fits: Honda CB350, CL350, & SL350 1968-73)
388 Front Sprocket CB350 520 Conversion - (Fits: '68-'73 CB350 Twin)
1811A Rear Sprocket CB350 520 Conversion - (Fits: '68-'73 CB350 Twin)
801-0133HP MAC Honda CB350 2-into-2 Exhaust Header Pipes - (Satin Black)
0550322 Magura 74.1 Sport Clutch Lever & Black Perch with Adjuster
0550615 Magura 307 Universal Throttle Twist Grip for 7/8" Handlebars
0550320-J Magura 73.2 Sport Brake Lever w/ Switch Hole / Adjuster - Single Pull
0493510 Magura 73 & 74 Lever Boot Cover
001-248 "The Coveted" Mikuni VM32 Carburetor Complete High Performance/Race Kit (CB350, CL350, SL350, CB360 & CL360)
0315230 Magura M7 Adjuster for 8.2mm Cable - FIts: Magura 73 & 74 Lever
DC10-1D Charlie's Place Dyna 5.0 Ohm Coil Kit w/Mounting Bracket - (Fits: CB350, CL350 & SL350)
K65R1009018 Heidenau K65R Race Motorcycle Tire - 100/90-18 M/C 60H TL
K65R35018 Heidenau K65R Race Motorcycle Tire - 3.50-18 M/C 56H TT
SV516-500 SV516 "STR Series" Universal Small Race Belly Pan
SD-VM32-MWL-3-XSC 3" Machine Finish Aluminum Full Taper Velocity Stacks w/Exterior Screen - (Fits: Mikuni VM32's)